February 23, 2024.

 Greetings from beautiful Baja, where I have spent the last ten weeks in the water, hiking, playing all sorts of fun shows down here.  There's something about playing for my winter community and folks that just stumble into a place I'm playing that feeds me and keeps me coming back for more. I feel refreshed and inspired after a few months near the ocean.

This winter absolutely flew by - January was capped with a trip to the Yucatan, where I sang with Brandi Carlile at her festival, met some incredible fellow musicians and industry folks who got me exciting about this music making thing that I like to do. Then, my sweetheart and some former bandmates arrived in town and played my favorite gigs of the season. Stay tuned for future collaborations south of the border! I'm heading home t Oregon this week, but will be returning in April to play Baja Wondergrass alongside Fruition, The Lil Smokies, and more.

I'm busy booking some northwest shows for 2024 - if anybody is keen to host me for a house concert or other event (private or public, here there or anywhere!), please reach out! For the most up-to-date info & last minute gigs - follow me @bajadog on instagram.

Thanks for  your support! Jess


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