Greetings from sunny & restful Mexico. The new year is in full swing down here, and I have been busy kiteboarding and enjoying the desert, old friends and hanging with my new doggo. I have a few standing gigs in Baja that I’ve played for many years now, and it still excites me to see familiar faces and play for so many appreciative folks I get to call friends after a dozen winters down south.  My offer to play private parties & house concerts this winter was warmly received, and I’ve playing them at least weekly since my time in Baja began.  As Covid seems to be taking a back burner, I am hopeful that live gigs and small tours will make a return for me. I am currently booking shows in the Pacific Northwest for summer 2022, with thoughts of Alaska, the Carolinas and New England always swirling through my mind. If anybody is keen to host me for a house concert, or other event (private or public), please reach out! I miss the road. For up-to-date info & last minute gigs - follow me @bajadog on instagram.

Thanks for  your support! Jess


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